Crazy Limos

A limo ride is always a true adventure. There are many rental companies that offer limo ride services and it is quite common for teenagers to rent a limo to take them to the prom. A few years ago, we could only dream of a limo ride, but today it is something quite normal. There are plenty of different limos and to make sure that you get the best you have to plan your rental a few months ahead. Our friends at the great Limo Columbia have a wonderful selection of limousines. We are not going to talk about the normal limos today, instead, thanks to Marge at Limo Columbia we have made a top list of the weirdest limos in the world.

  1. Crazy LimosThe Pink Hummers limo is any woman’s dream. It has three TV’s and the interior’s color is pink. It looks great and it’s the perfect limo for a girl’s Graduation Prom. It is one of the craziest limo’s in the world and the interior design looks futuristic.
  2. The longest limo in the world – The American Dream has a total length of 100 feet, it has no less than 26 tires, a heated jacuzzi, swimming pool, a few beds and even a heliport. Sadly, this beauty can’t travel on the actual roads and it is transported to events by trucks.
  3. KAZ limo. It was built by an Italian-Japanese team and it is one of the first electric limos in the world. This electric beauty took 5 years and $4 million to build but the final product is impressive. It goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 7 seconds and has a top speed of 194 km/h. This futuristic limo has a very beautiful design and it is one of the fastest electric limos in the world.
  4. The Prius Limo has 6 doors, ten seats and it has a unique design that was created by a Canadian.
  5. The Skoda Limo. This limo looks like an old car from outside and it has a modern-stylish design inside. If you ever wondered how does it feel to have a ride in a classical limo, this is the limo you are looking for.
  6. The Corvette limo. This baby has seven meters length and a beautiful interior design. It is one of the most stunning limo’s in the world and the best limo to rent for a bachelor’s party.
  7. The Mini Limo. We all love driving a Mini Cooper but have you ever wondered how does it feel to have a ride in a Mini Cooper Limo?
  8. The monster Limo is a sport limo that looks amazing. It has a beautiful, massive design and it totally deserve its place in this crazy limo top.
  9. The Batmobile limo. This limo is inspired by the Batman movies and it has a unique design. It looks just like the Batmobile from the movies and it has a futuristic appearance.
  10. The FinnJet limo is a unique Mercedes limo. It has thousands of chromium details and the price for it is just 1 million dollars.